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• It is natural antibacterial. It prevents bacteria and fungi formation.
• It instantly transfers sweat out from body.It prevents off odors resulting from sweat.
• It has breathing feature. It provides comfortable usage even in hot and humid climates.
• The product does not slide downward owing to its silicon layer applied in waist through anti-slide® silicon technology.
• Silicon material approved by international health organizations is dermatologically suitable for skin and does not cause allergy.
• It is produced through seamless knit technology. It does not contain any seam and additional parts except net part and net seam. In that way, discomfort causing from material layers and seam trace occurring during sewing is removed.
• Hems are developed in a way not to make traces on your clothes.
• Strengthened seams provide resistance to tearing.
• It is suitable for being used as underwear.
• MORTEKS products are not used to provide warmth to the body. Its heat conductivity is high. As it keeps cool in hot weather, wearing on your underwear in cold weather is recommended.

• It magically downsizes one or two if suitable size is worn. It helps slimming and tightening in case of continual usage.
• It provides shape effectively by pressuring on stomach, abdomen, thigh and calf.
• It forms thighs as desired owing to pushup feature.
• It delays hunger by pressuring on stomach. It helps fixing digestive system.
• It brings upright position to the spine by forming an additional support.
• It helps preventing cellulite formation.
• Upon doctor recommendation, it is used to help both supporting cesarean stitches and putting abdominal periphery together.
• It does not hinder your moves with its maximum flexing feature and provides a comfortable usage.
• Pressure points on sides and waist forms thighs and abdominal areas better.
• It provides you to feel good by speeding blood stream.

• Fold silicon part outwards in a way not to touch on skin in order to provide easiness taking on and off and pull upwards.
• In order not to slide from the body, silicon part is required to touch on skin directly. Its usage more than 12 hours uninterruptedly can be harmful.
• Washing instructions should be complied. Its flexible fibers exposure to hot and chemicals for a long time may decrease its effectiveness.
• It should be washed at 30°C with just soap and dried freely without wring.

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