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Dear Morteks Korse Friends;
Our firm, which was founded by Mehmet Ortak in 1994, entered into sector under the name of Semizkoç in its first years. It was named as MORTEKS KORSE by renewing itself thoroughly with a radical change in 2010.

In over 20 years, we have manufactured 1.500.000 items annually with our high tech equipment on a space of 1.000 square meters since the beginning of our journey.

Morteks Korse has become the biggest and most successful firm of Turkey in its own field. Morteks Korse, which is innovative and improver in its activities, has progressed confidently in this path with its experienced, participant and consistent team day by day.

Morteks Korse, which adopts "Firstly customer satisfaction" slogan, owes you, our precious friends who prefer us, a debt of gratitude.

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