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MERINOS is a special breed of fine-fleece sheep raised in Australia in XII century. Merinos fur is long enough and white. It contains high amount of lanolin (animal wax) that possesses antiseptic, absorbing and antiinflammatory properties. Merinos fur doesn’t irritate skin, which is one of the most important qualities.

MERINOS knee protectors are designed for joint warming up and micromassage, impose moderate pressure, fixate knee joint, are recommended to use by people constantly working in a draught, drivers, gardeners and tourists. Knee protectors give the feeling of relaxation, remove rheumatic, arthrosis and knee-joint arthritis pain. They also favor quick healing after injuries and sprains and are useful to fight varicose diseases of legs. This is a perfect knee-joint undercooling and high load protection.


Elastic knee protectors are designed to cure and prevent such wide-spread diseases as ARTHRITIS, ARTHROSIS, NEURITIS and acute chronic arthritis.

• Arthritis • Arthrosis • Rheumatism • Varicose • Inflammation • Athletic injury

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