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It is used as waist and abdominal muscles’ protector in sportive activities.


It is used as protector in case of twists and necessity of heat and compression support to ankle. Spiral springs at both sides provide extra support.


It is used to make thumb relax, motionless in a certain position.


It is used in wrist twists, injuries and in cases that wrist should not be moved. It can be applied on right and left wrists. Internal surface touching to skin is “Bamboo”.


It is used as spine and waist muscles supporter for slight waist aches experienced in daily life. It is used as waist muscles’ protector in sportive activities. It provides massage effect and relaxing with its specially designed pad. Pressure adjust can be made through its extra belt.


It is used in every case required medial, lateral and patella support such as arthritis, artoz, in arthralgia, sport injuries. Two spiral string on both sides operate by supporting side cord functions.


It is used for herniated disk, lumbargo and sciatic aches by supporting waist. Besides it minimizes pressure of body aches on waist by supporting waist. It provides perfect match with its elastic strings and belts. It provides letting air in the body while moving and does not make you sweat with its special material.


It is used as supporter for arthralgia after operations of cord injuries, inflammation and calcification. It provides full comfort and support thanks to its special structure and silicon supports produced with seamless round weaving system.


It is produced from flexible, breathable, non-perspiring material. There has been plastic underwire at both sides. It provides sensorial feedback by preventing posture disorder.


It is produced from neoprene material, designed anatomically. Patella’s sides are open and supported with pads. Flexible underwires at sides increase stabilization and thus load on knees minimizes. Differently, its stabilization is increased further through velcro bands on top and bottom calves.


It is used in lumbargo, sciatic, herniated disk and slipped disk on moderate degree. Its height is 28 cm.


It is used in wrist problems as supporter.


It is used in ankle injuries and twists as supporter.


It is used in knee twists and soft tissue injuries as supporter.


It provides full control support in extraordinary injuries of patella and patella tendinitis. It supports inner and outer cords. It is manufactured from 4 mm. neoprene.


It provides patella support along with lateral and medial cord supports. It functions with its four spiral strings at right and left sides. It is manufactured from 4 mm neoprene.


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