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"MORTEKS" waist corsets and knee protectors produced with camel hair possess unique, one-of-a-kind qualities. This hardy and devoted animal’s wonderful peculiarities and useful properties of its hair are known in the East since ancient times.

Far back in the past, a well-known Eastern healer Ibn Sina described the miraculous properties of camel hair and recommended it for applying to ailing body areas. Camel hair exhibits a very good warming effect, is more endurable and conserves heat better than other fur.

When in contact with skin, camel hair performs micromassage, improving blood microcirculation and metabolism.


Medical corsets and knee protectors are recommended in following cases: RADICULITIS, NEURITE, ARTHRITIS, OSTEOCHONDROSIS, internals inflammatory states, dorsum disorders and rheumatic pains.

• Radiculitis • Waist pain • Ischias • Osteochondrosis • Nephritis • Spinal injuries

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